Bring Your Group to the Preserve

Help us provide the best group experience possible during your visit.

Are you interested in bringing a group to the preserve? Whether you are a vendor hosting an ecotour, or someone who is bringing in a large group from a Meetup group, there is a short process involved if you want to a group of 10 or more individuals. Please be aware that we request notification two weeks in advance of your trip if at all possible to insure the best experience possible for your group members. Please follow the steps below to notify staff of your visit:


  1. Fill out the Special Event form and email it to 
    This form is used for any type of group visit, from a paddle trip to a group tour. 
    We request that all groups fill out this form so that we can manage group visits during periods of peak use, alert groups to any special considerations such as preserve closings or prescribed fire, let staff know groups will be visiting, and be certain that visiting groups needs are met.
  2. Let us know if you have any questions or special requests such as pavilion rentals, free copies of the Paddle Guide for your group, or a staff led guided tour.
  3. Enjoy your trip!


For larger special events expected to bring 50 or more people, we recognize that special and careful planning is necessary to create a well organized successful event. If you are interested in planning an event such as large scale walk, run, or festival please allow at least 2 months for processing and permit approval. You will need to fill out the Special Event Permit and it will need to be approved by staff. As the conservation properties are set aside for restoration and preservation of valuable natural resources, we are not able to satisfy every request due to the high volume of requests that we receive. As such we recommend requests are made as soon as possible in your event planning timeline.  Additional fees are charged for large scale events.