Taking Flight GeoTour

  • Dec 16, 2012


Visit the sites along the Taking Flight GeoTour, hunt for and find geocaches, and learn about Manatee County’s wild spaces and the amazing feathered friends that live in them.


About the Taking Flight GeoTour

Visit the sites along the Taking Flight GeoTour (TFGT) and learn about Manatee County's wild spaces and the amazing feathered friends that live in them. Along the way, you will be challenged to become a citizen scientist, a preserve ranger, a detective, a historian and of course an excellent geocacher in order to find all of the caches on the trail. Caches are located in birding "hot spots" throughout Manatee County's publicly accessible conservation preserves. Each one highlights a specific bird species or aspect of bird life providing you with opportunities to learn more about these creatures and what we can do to help them survive. Caches also focus on protecting the region's waterways, bays, and natural watersheds, and habitat areas for many of our area's feathered friends.


The Taking Flight GeoTour launched August 20, 2012 and includes 15 caches within Manatee County. A trackable geo tag will be awarded to the first 300 geocachers, while supplies last, for locating at least 12 TFGT caches. To be eligible for the tag, geocachers must download and print a passport (click link to download and print out your passport) or pick one up at the Manatee County Parks & Natural Resources Department office at G.T Bray Recreation Center 5502 33rd Ave Dr W, Bradenton, FL 34209. Geocachers must log at least 12 finds, answer the question from each cache on their passport, and complete any additional requirements for specific caches (such as posting photos for earth caches).


After finding a minimum of 12 caches, participants can have their passports validated in person or via mail at the Manatee County Natural Resources Department office at G.T Bray Recreation Center 5502 33rd Ave Dr W, Bradenton, FL 34209 during office hours. Tracking Tags will be available beginning September 1, 2012. Please check back to this website for news and availability of tracking tags.



288 of 500 travel tags claimed

8/30/16: Due to popular demand, we have increased the number of available tags


2/19/16: Snagged Flight down for repair


4/3/13: All caches are up and running at this time. Go out and have fun!


2/12/13: Flight to the Rookery is temporarily inaccessible due to construction. This cache is not accessible at this time.


12/19/12: Tangled Flight is back online. ALL caches are accessible.


12/17/12: Tangled Flight is offline for maintenance. We will have the cache replaced and accessible soon. This cache is not accessible at this time.


10/30/12: All caches are accessible.


9/25/12: Duette Preserve will be closed the weekend of September 29-30 for a Hunt weekend. The cache will not be accessible at this time.


9/19/2012: All caches are accessible.


8/23/12: Due to high waters Duette Preserve is closed to cars. Duette Preserve has had flooding and high waters on trails so the location is closed to cars as of 8/23. For updates over the weekend please call the office at 941-776-2295. The cache site is currently inaccessible to vehicles. We have disabled this cache but it will be available again as soon as the high waters recede.


8/22/12: We are excited to announce that cacher Waltzcar was the first person to complete the Taking Flight GeoTour! She discovered a total of 12 of the 15 caches and claimed her custom tracking tag today. Will YOU be next?


8/22/12: All of the caches except "Flight of the Florida Scrub Jay" and "Freshwater Flight" have been found! Who will be the first to find those caches?


8/20/12: The Taking Flight GeoTour is LIVE! All caches can now be found. Just remember to download your passport (or pick one up) and fill it out as you go in order to earn your free custom trackable tag.


8/7/12: The Taking Flight GeoTour caches will go live on Geocaching.com by August 20, 2012. The links below will go live on that date. Passports are available NOW for pick-up in the Natural Resources Department office (M-F, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) or you can download them from the links to the right.


7/24/12: Travel Tag rewards will be available to be claimed after September 1, 2012.


7/24/12: Stay tuned for special "Crazy for Caching" workshops for an opportunity to bring the whole family and learn how to geocache.

TFGT Cache Map

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These are the approximate locations of the caches within the County. For the exact coordinates, please look at the cache links list below or visit Geocaching.com

Thank You GeoTour Sponsors!


The Taking Flight GeoTour was made possible by funding from four different partner agencies. Manatee County's Natural Resources Department developed the GeoTour in partnership with the County's three National Estuary Programs: Sarasota Bay, Tampa Bay, and Charlotte Harbor. Each of the NEP organizations contributed $1500 towards the project, matched by the Natural Resources Department's contribution in staff time designing the project and volunteer time reviewing and helping to place the caches. This project is an inter-agency partnership and a wonderful example of working across boundaries to accomplish a great goal. Thanks partners for all of your help!

TFGT Rules

  • Prizes are available on a first-come basis while supplies last.
  • Only one prize may be awarded per person with an authorized Geocaching.com account (a free service), per year. For families, one tag will be awarded per family.
  • Prizes are awarded only to fully completed, validated passports.
  • Participants may keep their passports.
  • Participants must sign the physical cache log for each geocache they find in order to be eligible for the trackable tag.