Borrow Pit Permitting Information

  • Mar 23, 2010
  • Greg Blanchard
Borrow Pit Mine

Borrow Pit mines require a Major Earthmoving Permit. The permit application requirements are explained in the following section.

Pre-Application Information/Materials for Major Earthmoving Operating Permit

Major Earthmoving – All earthmoving operations which involve excavation and/or filling of over one thousand cubic yards of material or more than a ten acre excavation/filling operation in accordance with Section 702 of the Land Development Code. 

The Operating Permit is approved administratively by the Natural Resources Department (NRD) Director. Following the approval of an Earthmoving Site Plan/Special Permit, the applicant has one year to submit an application for an Operating Permit.
Prior to approving the Operating Permit, the following approvals, criteria or requirements will need to be provided to the Natural Resources Department for review:
  • Earthmoving, construction and reclamation site plans
  • Financial Assurances (Surety Bond and Agreement) for wetlands mitigation, pit reclamation and road maintenance (requires Board of County Commissioners approval)
  • Best Possible Technology Determination if operating in a Watershed Protection Overlay District (requires Board of County Commissioners approval)
  • Water levels and quality monitoring program plan (pre-mining and during mining)
  • “Concurrency” Certificate of Level of Service Compliance
  • Transportation Analysis
  • Roadway Impacts
  • Radium 226 testing
  • Program to control fugitive dust
  • Well Management Plan
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Mine Reclamation, Notice of Compliance with 62C-39, F.A.C.*
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection Environmental Resource Permit – required if processing/sorting is involved 
  • Manatee County Special Permit
  • Southwest Florida Water Management District Water Use Permit
  • Southwest Florida Water Management District Environmental Resource Permit
  • Temporary Wetland and Buffer Preservation Conservation Easement (if applicable)
  • Wetland Mitigation/Compensation Proposal
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit
  • Access and Drainage Permit– county roads
  • Florida Department of Transportation State Highway Access Connection Permit
*Notice agreeing to reclaim to Florida Department of Environmental Protection standards defined in the Non-phosphate Reclamation Program.
Operating Permit Fee - $3,167 plus $1.00 for each acre over 100
Annual Progress Report - $1500
Additional questions about Operating Permits: Contact Rob Brown or Alissa Powers at 941-742-5980, extensions 1870 and 1892.