Pollutant Storage Tank Program

  • Mar 5, 2010
  • Greg Blanchard
Removal of Old Fuel Storage Tanks

This program handles inspections of pollutant/petroleum storage tanks, such as those located at retail gas stations. Individuals seeking information on potential petroleum impacts from such facilities or contractors working on such systems in Manatee County should follow the link for additional information.

The Manatee County Natural Resources Department (NRD), Groundwater Management Section, contracts with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to inspect all petroleum storage tanks in Manatee County. Facilities with underground storage tanks having a capacity of greater than 110 gallons and above ground storage tanks over 550 gallons are inspected annually. Typical sites include retail gasoline stations, private businesses, and agricultural operations. Currently, there are over 350 regulated facilities in Manatee County. 


The primary focus of this program is to protect groundwater from being contaminated with petroleum or other pollutants and to assist facility owners and operators with maintaining compliance.


All underground storage tank systems must be double-walled by December 31, 2009 to meet the state's upgrade schedule.