Hazardous Waste (Small Quantity Generator, SQG) Program

  • Mar 5, 2010
  • Greg Blanchard
Asphalt Plant

This program handles inspections of all businesses with the potential to generate hazardous waste. Business owners seeking information on proper management of hazardous and oily wastes should follow the link for additional information.


The Manatee County Natural Resources Department (NRD), Groundwater Management Section, maintains an inspection program for small businesses that have the potential to generate hazardous waste. This program is mandated under Florida Statutes, Sections 403.7234 and 403.7225, and requires local governments to assist business owners in the management of hazardous and regulated wastes. 
There are over 2000 businesses in Manatee County on the SQG list, including print shops, boat builders, automotive and body shops, and a host of other industries. Examples of common waste streams include waste oil, spent solvents, filters, and fluorescent bulbs, just to name a few. Our inspections are typically unannounced and require owners/operators to produce disposal records and provide access to the entire facility. Each site is inspected every 5 years or less based on a priority system.