Explore the Manatee Water Atlas

  • Jun 17, 2016
  • Greg Blanchard
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Discover the water resources of Manatee County with the Manatee Water Atlas. Manatee County sponsored the Manatee Water Atlas to provide residents, visitors, and businesses with an easy-to-use tool to access information about the area's water resources.

Manatee Water Atlas Q & A

1. What is the Manatee Water Atlas?
The Manatee Water Atlas is a unique interactive website providing mobile-ready mapping, analysis and research tools to answer questions about area water resources.

2. Who can use the Manatee Water Atlas?
The Water Atlas is suitable for all ages and interest levels. This science-oriented resource can be utilized by families, students, and professionals.
3. What projects does the Manatee Water Atlas support?
From school science projects to professional reports, the Water Atlas has the answers you need. The Water Atlas has an unequaled collection of maps, data, documents and photos on area water resources.
4. What else does the Manatee Water Atlas offer?
The Water Atlas has water-related news, a calendar of events and can connect you to local volunteer opportunities.