About Natural Resources

  • Jul 6, 2010
  • Greg Blanchard and Melissa Nell
Photo by Dotty Motta

As Manatee County’s conservation team, our department mission is to conserve and protect the area’s natural resources. We shall conserve these resources by establishing ourselves as pioneers of innovation, meeting the challenges of land management under the public’s trust and offering environmental education and stewardship opportunities that foster a conservation ethic and connection to nature in context with Manatee County’s heritage. We shall protect our natural resources through measurement and monitoring of our water, air, and mineral extraction practices in coordination with federal and state partners to uphold the rights of the public to clean water, clean air, and a sustainable quality of life.

Major Program Areas of the Parks and Natural Resources Department


Conservation Lands


The Parks and Natural Resources Department manages over 30,000 acres of county conservation preserve lands and coastal resources and is responsible for environmental land acquisitions and land restoration, including passive recreational development.




The Department operates its own customized educational programs within Manatee County's conservation properties. Our offerings, free and fee-based, include hands-on environmental education programs and passive outdoor recreational activities designed to accommodate audiences from preschoolers to senior citizens.


Marine Resources


The Department is also responsible for beach renourishment projects on Anna Maria Island's nine miles of sandy beaches, coordinating the Wares Creek Flood Control Project, development of blueways and greenways trails, maintenance of boat ramps, artificial reefs and waterways, Aids to Navigation and abandoned vessel removal.


Environmental Protection


The Department protects surface water and wetlands by managing the County's state/federal permits and groundwater through the Pollutant Storage Tanks, Small Quantity Hazardous Waste Generator, and Water Well Construction Permitting activities and administers the County's Phosphate Mining and Reclamation Code.  


Volunteer Team


Our active volunteer team plays an important role in the care and upkeep of the County's conservation properties.