Field Rentals

  • May 22, 2010
  • Parks and Recreation

Do you have a group that would like to play softball, baseball, football, or soccer? To guarantee a field will be available, please call 941-742-5926 to reserve one. Please use this link for fees.



  Manatee County Resident/Social Commercial
  Youth/Adult Leagues AAU/Home School  
    American Legion  
    Private School  
Softball (no lights) $10/hr $15/hr $30/hr
Softball (lights) $20/hr $25/hr $40/hr
Baseball (small/no lights) $10/hr $15/hr $30/hr
Baseball (small/lights) $20/hr $25/hr $40/hr
Baseball(regulation/no lights) $15/hr $25/hr $50/hr
Baseball (regulation/lights) $25/hr $35/hr $60/hr
Football (no lights) $20/hr $25/hr $50/hr
Football (lights) $30/hr $35/hr $60/hr
Soccer (regulation/no lights) $20/hr $25/hr $50/hr
Soccer (regulation/lights) $30/hr $35/hr $60/hr
Tournament/Clinic/Camp (no lights) $75/day per field $80/day per field $150/day per field
Tournament/Clinic/Camp (lights) $110/day per field $115/day per field $220/day per field

Fees do not include field maintenance.