Neighborhood Tool Kit

The information here can be thought of as the answers to the most frequently asked questions staff is asked when working with a neighborhood.

This page will be updated frequently with new information. You can also find similar information in Neighborhood Connections.

The Informed Citizen

The Informed Citizen PDF

Prostitution, drugs, and gangs a problem in your neighborhood? Let Nuisance Abatement help!

Nuisance Abatement PDF Version

Manatee County Government 101

Part 1 - Learn about the structure of Manatee County Government along with it's many departments.


Part 2 - Learn about Building & Development Services, Convention & Visitors Bureau, Community Services, & Financial Management.


Part 3 - Learn about Human Resources, Information Technology, Neighborhood Services, and Parks & Natural Resources.


Part 4 - Learn about Property Management, Public Safety, Public Works, & Utilities.


Looking for your Homeowners Association (HOA) Documents?

Look no further! If your HOA has deed restrictions, they will be found on the Manatee Clerk of Court website. Here's how to obtain your copy:

Note: If you're having problems viewing/downloading the document, use Internet Explorer.


1) Go to


2) Click on the "Official Records" link on the left side of the page


3) Agree with the disclaimer and it will take you to the Official Records Search


4) Type the name of the subdivision/HOA


5) Under "Instrument Type", select RST (Restriction) and click search.