Single Family & Infill Site Development Setasides

Please note:  This application is for lenders only.  If you are an individual interested in this program, please contact your lender.


  • Property must be located in un-incorporated Manatee County or the City of Palmetto.
  • Applicants will be required to contribute a minimum investment of $500.00.
  • Program is limited to first-time homebuyers.  (An individual who has not owned a permanent residence within the past three (3) years.  Exceptions may be given.  See Program Eligibility Requirements.)
  • Household members must earn at or below 120% of the area median income adjusted by family size for the Bradenton/Sarasota MSA as established annual by Florida Housing Finance Corporation.  (See chart on second page of Program Eligibility Requirements )

The following items will be required to be submitted with application request:

  1. Borrowers Summary Sheet 
  2. Downpayment Assistance Application Form  
  3. Good Faith Estimate
  4. Lender approval/ loan commitment documents (pre-qualifications will not be accepted)
  5. Fully executed Sales Contract ( addendums and proof of escrow deposits required )
  6. Copy of the appraisal (if available at the time of application)
  7. Household income verifications and documentation
  8. Asset verifications and documentation
  9. Closing agent information ( location, phone # , fax # and a contact person )
  10. Homebuyer education certificate (Manatee County approved agency)
  11. Photo I.D. and Social Security cards for all household members (birth certificates for children)

See how to apply for the Downpayment Assistance Program and income qualifications information as well as the following forms:


  1. Applicant Release of Information Form
  2. Verification of Employment Form
  3. Verification of Assets on Deposit Form

Also, be sure to read the document that explains Income Inclusions-Exclusions for computing Total Annual Household Income.


When you are ready to apply, use the handy submission checklist  to be sure you have all the documents you need.


Lenders may also want to consult the State Housing Initiatives Partnership Program (SHIP) Program Manual .  This is a 101 page document in pdf format.  Or, the HUD Handbook , a 799-page pdf document.


If you have questions or need further information, please contact Neighborhood Services Department, Community Development Division, Housing Section, Denise Thomas, (941) 749-3029, Fax:  (941) 742-5848.