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Welcome to the GIS Data Download page where you can search for and download geospatial data resources. If you have been to this site previously you may notice some differences. We have recently implemented ESRI’s Geoportal Server technology to facilitate access to a broader array of GIS and imagery data. Our rational for doing this was the increased capability of Geoportal makes more spatial data available. Geoportal allows us to expose our public REST services, provides access to downloadable layers as shape and KMZ files and allows us to make searchable and available offerings from Manatee County’s corporate ArcGIS Online site. In the future we hope to link other Geoportals to ours to enable federated searches providing you the customer with the greatest possible access to geographic data.

Data Overview

We offer our downloadable layers in shapefile format compressed as zipfiles and for a few of our more popular layers we also provide them as KMZ files (which can be used with Google Earth). Shapefiles are projected in NAD83 State Plane Feet Zone 902 Florida West and the KMZ files are projected in geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude).  Please read our disclaimer concerning this data. This will insure that you fully understand the data and its limitations before you use the data. This data is intended for use with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software and a link to some free GIS data viewers is provided below for your convenience

Please note: If you have trouble downloading our GIS data, or cannot find the data you need, please contact our Customer Service Center at 941-748-4501 x5807.



Open Data

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new GIS open data site built upon an ESRI hosted public-facing website that enables Manatee County to share its authoritative data and applications with the public.  Open data has been a growing trend within government making information readily available to the public to bolster transparency and empower citizens.
This site provides access to downloadable data, on-line mapping applications and static map products.  Vector datasets are available for download as CSV, KML and Shapefiles and is accessible live via the GeoJSON and GeoService APIs.  Online web applications are responsive browser based applications built on HTML 5 and JavaScript and are intended to work in all major browser platforms, i.e. Chrome, Firefox and Explorer/Edge.

Free GIS software to view this data

If you do not have GIS software at your disposal, ESRI provides a free GIS viewer called ArcGIS Explorer which you can download from their site.