The following FAQ's are valid at the time this page was written and are subject to change at any time.

  • What are the healthcare components of the county budget?

    Manatee Memorial and Lakewood Ranch –Emergency/urgent care, medical and surgical services, Inpatient/Outpatient


    Blake Medical Center – Emergency/urgent care, medical and surgical services, Inpatient/Outpatient,  Also Trauma II Center 2012


    Hospital Audits – auditing services of county indigent program with hospitals. 


    Manatee County Rural Health Services-Prescriptions assistance for qualified residents, Provision of HIV/AIDS medical care, provision of health care through clinics offering pediatrics, pharmacy chiropractic, dental, optometry, family practice and OB/GYN services.


    Physicians- Hospital-based to provide treatment at MMH, Blake and Lakewood Ranch (Fee for Service)


    Clinics – Turning Points – funding for one-stop clinic.


    Health Care Responsibility Act (HCRA) – Hospital care for qualified County residents for emergency medical services provided by in other Counties - Florida Statute 154 section.301-.331 and Rule Chapter 59H-1.001-.015 Florida Administrative Code


    Manatee County Health Department – Immunizations, communicable disease testing.


    Medicaid Match- County required to pay Medicaid Match for hospital, nursing home and HMO care for qualified county residents Florida Statute 409.915.


    Jail Medical - Medical & dental services to inmates – Florida Statute 951.032.


    We Care – Volunteer medical specialty services & prescriptions through a non-profit.


    Manatee Children Services – Forensic Medical Exams for Children Florida Statute 39.304(5).


    Centerstone of Florida (Formerly Manatee Glens) – Rape crisis for children; Kids Intervention
    Treatment and Empowerment (K.I.T.E.) Counseling and treatment for youth substance abuse, Baker Act Adult and Children, Marchman Act, Aging Services, Mental Health Transport, Inpatient and Residential Detox.


    Employee Health Benefits (EHB) - Mid-year transfer of Prescription Benefits Program to EHB from RHS to reduce costs.

  • What Behavioral Health and Addiction Programs Receive Funding From Manatee County Government?

    Manatee County Government funds the following programs through Centerstone of Florida, Inc. (Formerly Manatee Glens):

    Addiction emergency response services.

    Adult in-patient and residential detox and substance abuse

    Baker Act - Adult and children

    Aging Services mental health counseling

    Rape Crisis - Adult and Children

    Mental Health Transport - Florida Statute 394.462 (1)(a)(1).

    Children’s Community Action Team

    Adoption Preservation (Beginning October 2016)

    Marchman Act

  • What are the statutorily required healthcare expenditures?

    Medicaid Match - Florida Statute 409.915
    Health Care Responsibility Act (HCRA) – Florida Statute 154 section.301-.331 and Rule Chapter 59H-1.001-.015 Florida Administrative Code.
    Mental Health Transport - Florida Statute 394.462 (1).(a).(1).
    Jail Medical – Florida Statute 951.032
    Forensic Medical Exams – Florida Statute 39.304 (5)

  • What are the eligibility qualifications for health care assistance?

    Manatee County Residency
    200% of Federal Poverty Level for income and assets
    Determined by hospitals

  • What are the eligibility qualifications for the Prescription Benefits Program?

    Manatee County Residency – 2 Proofs of residency
    Income and Assets – Below 100% of Federal Poverty Level for ages 18-59; Below 125% of Federal Poverty Level for age 60+; 13 Weeks of income verification needed
    Family – Husband/wife/minors in the household
    Prescription must be written by a Manatee County physician or other authorized health care provider


  • How can I get discounted prescriptions if I do not qualify for the Manatee County Prescription Benefits Program?

    Manatee County Government has partnered with to issue prescription discount cards.  You may obtain a card at the Manatee County Community Services Department Lobby (Third Floor, 1112 Manatee Ave W, Bradenton) or by requesting one online at

  • What services are agency partners providing?

    Emergency Room
    Turning Points Clinic/Dental
    Primary Care
    Walk-in Clinics
    We Care Specialty Care
    We Care Pharmacy

    Coast2Coast Discount Prescription Card
    Behavioral Health

         Detox (Inpatient and Residential)
         Baker Act (Adult and Children)
         Mental Health Transport
         Aging Services
         Children’s Community Action Team
         Marchman Act Services
         Rape Crisis (Adult and Children)
         Rape Crisis Child Advocacy

    Health Department Services
    Armor Jail Medical
    Forensic Medical Exams

  • Is a unified application process for eligibility determination possible?

    For Benefits programs administered by the Community Services Department, a unified online application form will be developed in the coming months.


    For hospital medical applications, each entity develops their own processes and forms using their internal formats.

  • What are AHCA and LIP?

    AHCA - Agency for Health Care Administration. This is the agency that administers all Medicaid and State Level health care funding in agreements with the Federal Government.

    LIP – Low Income Pool. This is funding provided to the state from the federal government. These funds are matched by state and/or local funds to draw down matching federal dollars to fund indigent health care programs at participating/contracted hospitals.

  • How does Manatee County rank statewide in health outcomes?

    Manatee County ranks 23rd in the state in overall health rankings.

    Complete data may be found at: