Planning Staff Directory

The Planning staff is here to provide you with professional, knowledgeable, quality service utilizing all available resources.

Please contact the Reviewer on Call desk at 941-749-3070 for all Planning and Zoning inquiries.

Development Services

Division Manager and County Zoning Official  

Fred Goodrich

941-748-4501 Ext. 6866


Reviewer on Call - Development Services


The following Section is responsible for front counter operations, assisting customers with land development regulations regarding site development, site plan intake and completeness review, site plan routing, electronic project submittal (Buzzsaw), building permit zoning review and Addressing 

Phyllis Strong

Development Services Section Manager

Reviewer on Call

941-748-4501 Ext. 6865


Robert Sweeney

Sr. Construction Review Specialist 941-748-4501 3834

Suzanne Cook

Development Review Specialist 941-748-4501 6864

Nicole Bradshaw

Development Review Specialist 941-748-4501 6833

Vickie Warner

Address Coordinator 941-748-4501 6850

Sherri Sheppard

Development Review Specialist 941-748-4501 3821


Comprehensive Planning - Public Hearings


The Planning Services Division consists of the Development Review, Agenda, Comprehensive Planning, and the GIS Mapping Sections of the Development Services. This Division oversees the Comprehensive Plan and Development Review and primarily deals with the public hearing-related land development applications and maintains the Comprehensive Plan. 


Name E-mail Phone Ext

Lisa Barrett

Planning Manager 941-748-4501 6884

 Kathleen Thompson AICP

Planning Manager   941-748-4501  6841


Public Hearing Division

Nicole Knapp

Planning Section Manager

941-748-4501 Ext. 6836


Name E-mail Phone Ext

Bobbi Roy

Agenda-Planning Coordinator  941-748-4501  6878

 Stephanie Moreland

Principal Planner  941-748-4501  3880

 Rossina Leider

Planner  941-748-4501  6859

 Tia Boyd

Planner  941-748-4501  6863

Barney Salmon

Planner 941-748-4501 6902

Monica Martin

Planner 941-748-4501 6861

Erin Gostkowski

Development Review Specialist 941-748-4501 3838

Dana M. Della Costa

Permitting Tech 941-748-4501  6937


Planning - Administrative Review


The Administrative Review Section of the Building and Development Services Department primarily deal with the administrative review of land development applications and code interpretations.


Administrative Review Division - Development Services

Robert Wenzel

Planning Section Manager

941-748-4501 Ext. 6845 

Name E-mail Phone Ext.

Margaret Tusing

Principal Planner 941-748-4501 6828

 Diana Lonergan

Planner  941-749-3078  3841

 James Rigo

Planner   941-748-4501  6905

 Tracy Trahan

Planner  941-748-4501  3877

Greg Marcotte

Development Review Specialist 941-748-4501 6215

Susan Angersoll

Permitting Technician 941-748-4501 3934


Environmental Planning


The balance of growth and development is accomplished through addressing all of the following areas during review of a project and providing comments to the Planning Department case manager for a particular development project: Tree Preservation & Removal/Replacement, Erosion & Sediment Control Plan, Threatened & Endangered Species Protection, Well Management Plans, Hazardous Materials Assessments, Wetland Protection, Habitat Preservation and Wetland Mitigation & Monitoring.


Environmental Planning Division


Planning Section Manager

941-748-4501 Ext. 6206


Name E-Mail Phone Ext

Dorothy Rainey

Environmental Planner 941-748-4501 6851

Kathleen Davis

Environmental Planner 941-748-4501 6847

Gary Race

Environmental Planner 941-748-4501 6936


How Will We Grow


How Will We Grow will create a blueprint for how Manatee County will grow by the year 2035. Holistic process to include public input meetings, Land Development Code & Comprehensive Plan changes related to managing future growth in the community


John Osborne, AICP

County Planning Official

941-748-4501 ext. 6825