Public Works Standards Manual


Part 1, Utility Standards Manual

Part 2, Stormwater Management Design Manual

Part 3, Traffic and Highway Standards Manual
Manatee County is currently in the process of updating its Land Development Code (LDC). In order to handle such an endeavor, it was decided that a phased approach would make the update easier to manage. The first phase is a major “housecleaning,” primarily targeted at updating, revising, consolidating, and better clarifying the language in the LDC. The second phase of the LDC update will be implementation of recommendations from the How Will We Grow effort.
For Phase I, the first step in the housecleaning of the LDC is to take items out of the LDC that are not specifically land use related. The information proposed to be taken out of the LDC is considered more Public Work standards and as such not appropriate to be in the LDC. There are currently two existing Public Works Standards and one Manual that have been approved by the Board of County Commission; those are: 1) The Highway, Traffic, and Drainage Standards (updated 2007), 2) Public Works Utility Standards (updated 2011), and 3) The Stormwater Management Design Manual (approved 1990). 
Staff recommends specific information (e.g. private/public street requirements, driveway standards, street and structure numbering, water and sewer connections, solid waste regulations, and drainage requirements) be removed from the LDC and be inserted in the appropriate Public Works standards. The only changes proposed to the language is updates to departments, updates referring to technology (e.g., floppy disk to CD), and to correct scrivener errors. More substantial changes will be proposed with future phases at advertised public hearings.
The Draft Public Works Standards Manual (Part 1, Utility Standards Manual, Part 2, Stormwater Management Design Manual, and Part 3, Traffic and Highway Standards Manual) in strike-thru/underline format and clean version is below. Also below is a complete listing of the LDC Sections to be merged into the appropriate sections of the Manual.
Staff welcomes public review and comment of the Public Works Standards Manual. Public comments may be sent to which will be included in the project’s public record for hearings with the Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners.
Public Hearings for the Public Works Standards Manual is as follows:
·       March 12th, 2015 at 9:00am or soon thereafter – Planning Commission
·       April 2nd, 2015 at 9:00am or soon thereafter – BOCC - First hearing, no action will 
        be taken.
·       June 4, 2015 at 6:00 pm or soon thereafter - BoCC for final action.