Complete Streets

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Defining Complete Streets

Complete Streets are roadways designed to enable safe access for all users: motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transportation users of all ages and abilities.
Local transportation planners and engineers may use the new Complete Streets design standards to better consider safety and accessibility for all users whenever developing or reconstructing roadways.  County engineering staff may incorporate complete streets design into restriping, reconstruction projects or with new roadways design depending upon the context of the community the roads are traversing. The development community, at their option, may incorporate complete streets designs.
Importance of Complete Streets
Complete Streets can make roadways be more accessible for all users, which is important for improving traffic flow, public health, and local economy.  Complete Streets designs have contributed to injury prevention through reduced traffic accidents involving motorists, cyclists, and/or pedestrians; obesity prevention through increased opportunity for safe physical activity; and environmental health through reduced air pollution.  Complete Streets help local businesses by increasing foot traffic, opening sidewalks for vendor use, and improving community capacity for commerce.  They also improve community connections by bringing more people outdoors and on the streets. 
Efforts of Manatee County Government
Manatee County, in partnership with the Manatee County Health Department, is in the process of incorporating Complete Streets into its plans and policies.  In March 2012, the Health Dept. was awarded a Power of Policy grant from the American Public Health Association, to be used through February 2013, specifically for Complete Streets policy planning and development.  The policy guidelines have been inserted into the County’s Comprehensive Plan and a new section is proposed to be added to the Public Works Highway & Traffic Engineering Standards Manual.
·   September 15th, 2015, starting at 1:30 pm, Board of County Commission Workshop,  1112 Manatee Avenue West, Bradenton, FL 34205 (Manatee Room).       
·  January 5, 2016, Board of County Commission Workshop, 1112 Manatee Avenue       West, Bradenton, FL 34205 (Manatee Room). Workshop presentation.
·  February 4, 2016 Planning Task Force, 1112 Manatee Avenue West, Bradenton, FL 34205 (Manatee Room)  Workshop presentation.
·  Oct. 13th, 2016 at 9:00am or soon thereafter – Planning Commission
·  Nov. 3rd, 2016 at 9:00am or soon thereafter  - Board of County Commissioners