Submit development plans, building permit applications electronically

Image Submit development plans, building permit applications electronically

Scrap those bulky, expensive paper plans. Manatee County now offers applicants the option of submitting development plans and building permit reviews electronically. It's the latest in a series of measures to become a more customer-friendly organization.

Manatee Electronic Plans Submittal (MEPS)

Manatee County offers applicants submitting for a building permit or land development review the option to submit plans electronically. Those who choose this option can do away with costly paper-based method of submitting 17 sets of documents. The new software prompts the applicant to upload plans to the MEPS website, then to send an e-mail notification to the County for an initial completeness review.

“It will save applicants thousands of dollars on every land development application,” says Manatee County Planning Official John Osborne. “It will also free up some staff to do other work. It’s going to save time for the applicants, review staff and County design staff with the review of internal engineering design work.”


Steve Kollar, Transportation System Modeler with Manatee County Public Works Department, said the new online review system will save the private sector on reproduction costs and it has the potential to significantly speed up review times. “Eventually we’d like to go entirely paperless,” Kollar said. “That’s the ultimate goal.”


“The Building and Development Services Department is excited to announce the implementation of MEPS which will enable contractors and design professionals to access and share data electronically,” added Erin Gostkowski, Business Systems Support Analyst with Manatee County Building and Develop0ment Services Department.


King Engineering staff helped Manatee County test the new software. “County staff is now able to make comments directly on the plans which more clearly communicates the issues to us and allows us to respond appropriately,” said Misty Servia, King’s Planning Department Manager. “It’s definitely going to be a big time and money saver for our clients.”


The MEPS software will enable Planning, Building and Development Services and Public Works Departments to cut down on paperwork and to increase efficiency by delivering their projects faster and more economically. The new software is the latest in a series of steps Manatee County has taken to improve customer service and response time and to become a more environmentally friendly organization.


For more information on MEPS software, call Phyllis Strong or Vickie Newby at (941) 748-4501.


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