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  • May 2, 0018

A message from Building Official C.J. Dupre',CBO,CFM

Image A message from Building Official C.J. Dupre',CBO,CFM

To the Citizens of Manatee County,


I have been employed with the Manatee County Building and Development Services Department since 2001. I have over 35 years of construction related experience. I am a member of the following: 


  • International Code Council
  • Building Officials Association of Florida
  • The National Fire Protection Association
  • The Association of State Floodplain Managers
  • Florida Roofing Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Association
  • Florida Floodplain Managers Association
  • Aluminum Association of Florida

I am responsible to the citizens of Manatee County for the protection of life, health and property.  I am committed to a standard of professional behavior that exemplifies the highest ideals and principals of ethical conduct.


To suggest postings on this page or express concerns please send an email to:

Thank you for being our customer,

C.J. Dupre’, CBO, CFM, Building Official


Backflow Prevention Devices



PURPOSE: In order to comply with Section 722.1.8.3 of the Land Development Code and aid in protecting Manatee County's potable water system, we will begin, effective April 1, 2011, to require backflow devices be installed as required in Manatee County Resolution R-87-125 defining an approved Backflow Prevention device as being manufactured in full conformance with the standards established by this code and adopted by the Board of County Commissioners as allowed per Florida Statutes 125.56. It is determined that these standards meet and/or exceed the requirements of the Florida Building Code-Plumbing.


PROCEDURE: Require Type K or L copper pipe or minimum schedule 40 brass pipe shall be used on the customer side of the meter from connection with backflow unit to a minimum depth of 12 inches below grade. PVC pipe may be used below grade only with a minimum depth of 12 inches.


These requirements will minimize the following issues from use of alternative materials.


  • Bursting of PVC in cold weather
  • Cracking or breaking when hit with lawn mowers, etc.
  • Corrosion of galvanized piping
  • Pressure problems with galvanized piping from interior build ups
  • Provide a better protection of Manatee County's potable water system



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Procedure 08-76 Determining Market Value of a Structure for the 50% Rule (Effective Immediately) 

Print forms and/or applications as needed

  1.  Apply for permit
  2. Pay your fees online
  3. Check the status of your permit
  4.  Run reports on permits / contractor history
  5. Check your parcel information


Reroof/Retrofit Affidavit


Reminder: Effective July 10, 2009 Manatee County Building Department will no longer accept Permit By Affidavit (PBA). However, we will continue to accept Alternate Plans Review and Inspections (Private Provider) as regulated by State Statutes 553.791.


For access to Florida Building Codes and the 2009 supplements, Product approvals, Building Interpretations go to:

Florida Statutes:

Department of Business and Professional Regulation:


Please contact the Building Department prior to building or allowing anyone to build on your property to insure proper licensing of contractors and required permits have been issued.  Failure to comply could result in unnecessary fines, fees and penalties.  Our goal is to assure you have been provided with code compliant construction and your life, safety and welfare have not been diminished.

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