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The Addressing Section of the Manatee County Building and Development Services Department is responsible for the assignment of streets and addresses in unincorporated Manatee County, as well as the correction of addresses that do not meet the Manatee County Addressing Standards. These standards were developed to facilitate emergency response as well as enhance the delivery of mail by the United States Postal Service.

What is an address?

What is an address? An address is a method used to describe a physical location and is used by law enforcement, fire and ambulance personnel to provide emergency services response, and by the United States Postal Service for the delivery of mail.   

Why is an address so important?
Because “Every Second Counts in Emergency Response!”
Many people, including those in public safety, view enhanced 9-1-1 as a great emergency response tool; however, without accurate and consistent address information it cannot always be counted on to help speed-up emergency response. Of the total parts that comprise the enhanced 9-1-1, addressing can be considered one of the most vital.

Future New Requirements for Submittals for Addressing and GIS...

Currently the applicant is required to submit multiple scaled drawings in pdf format.  These drawings are printed and used to manually assign addresses with the final product being an “inked” drawing which is scanned and emailed to the applicant/agent and numerous other agencies (i.e. Public Safety -E-911, Utility Companies, Property Appraisers Office, local Post Office branch, Fire District, Permitting, etc.).



Our goal is to simplify the addressing process and make it more efficient for everyone.  To do this we will be transitioning to a digital, paperless format. 


The new process will require that the drawings be submitted in a digital format in which we are in the process of creating a standardized AutoCAD (.dwg) template. 


We have drafted a list of features necessary for addressing purposes that will be included in the template (List of Features). The minimum requirements will be set based on the project type you are submitting.  If the feature applies, we will ask that it be included in your AutoCAD file submission. Please remember that anything that needs a permit needs an address.  This is why we request these items to be included on the drawings that are provided to us.


The AutoCAD file will require that all line work be snapped at nodes and endpoints.  The file should also not have any overlaps, gaps or dangles.  For example, the centerline should be split at an intersection.  The AutoCAD file will need to be submitted in the State Plane Coordinate System. NAD83 (1990 Adjustment or later) Florida West Zone. 


On May 25, 2016, a Planning Task Force meeting was held in which we shared future new requirements for submittals for Addressing. Click here to view the PowerPoint that was presented at the meeting.


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