Telephone registration for special needs registry ends tonight

  • Sep 8, 2017

New applicants may continue to apply online after 8 p.m. tonight

MANATEE COUNTY, FL (Sept. 8, 2017) – As Hurricane Irma approaches, the time to register for special needs evacuation assistance is drawing to a close. The special needs registry call center will terminate operations at 8 p.m. this evening, and will no longer accept phone registrations. 


Online registration will continue to be accepted, but no guarantees can be made that those who apply will be registered in time. You can register by going to A family member or caregiver can assist you with registration for transportation.


Manatee County special needs transportation will shuttle registered special needs evacuees to the shelter until it is deemed too dangerous for vehicles to be on the road.

Please note that all shelters - special needs or general purpose - should be considered shelters of last resort. It is always preferable to seek shelter with friends or relatives than at a public shelter.

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