MCAT’s Stacy Meeth named Florida's 2016 Transit Operator of the Year

  • Dec 20, 2016

MANATEE COUNTY, FL (Dec. 20, 2016) – For the second year in a row a Manatee County Area Transit (MCAT) driver has been named the industry’s Transit Operator of the Year in a competitive selection process involving transit agencies from around the State of Florida.

MCAT driver Stacy Meeth is Florida's 2016 Transit Operator of the Year
MCAT driver Stacy Meeth is Florida's 2016 Transit Operator of the Year

 MCAT's Stacy Meeth was named Transit Operator of the Year at the Florida Public Transportation Association conference last week. David Simpson, Manatee’s 2015 Employee of the Year, won Transit Operator of the Year in 2015.

“Receiving this prestigious award on behalf of Manatee County and Transit Operators around the state is very humbling,” Stacy said. “No one achieves such honors without the great support of family, very dear friends, a great County Administration and fabulous coworkers.”
MCAT Manager Bill Steele said Stacy is a truly outstanding employee whose hard work is consistently recognized for excellence by passengers and coworkers. Furthermore, “the fact that two MCAT Transit Operators won this prestigious award in consecutive years, is a testament to the commitment and quality of our Operators, and their dedication to serving the community on a daily basis.”
“Stacy consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty,” Steele says. “When she reports for her work shift she’s always prepared and engaged, takes great pride in completing pre-trip inspections in a comprehensive manner and she’s always in good spirits. Her attention to detail, professional appearance, safe driving, and courteous, respectful, polite and helpful manner are unsurpassed.”
“Stacy is a very dedicated and caring transit operator, who makes a real connection with the people she serves,” said Kevin Sheerin, Transit Operations Superintendent.  “She consistently provides high-quality, caring and compassionate service to our passengers, and these efforts set a great example for others to follow.” 
Meeth has a combined 25 years of professional driving experience without any accidents and has been with MCAT for three years. She was nominated by MCAT coworkers following a courageous act during her normal Route 4 service run last summer.  On that day, Stacy stopped her bus to shield a fallen motorcyclist from oncoming traffic, dialed 911 and waited with the gentleman until first responders arrived. Stacy’s quick thinking and decisive action earned a heroism award from the County Commission in September.
“That story was just one example of the professionalism Stacy embodies,” Steele said. “Stacy consistently demonstrates empathy, compassion and concern for the health, wellbeing and comfort of her passengers. She’s a very positive force in the public transportation community, and continues to have a most favorable impact on everyone she encounters.”
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