Southwest District

The Manatee County Board of County Commissioners established the Southwest County Improvement District (SWTIF), now called the Southwest District, under Ordinance No. 14-28. The District was created to undertake, carry out or arrange for redevelopment and related activities within a designated segment of Manatee County. This may include such improvements as streets, utilities, parks, playgrounds, street lighting, sidewalks and other public improvements; property acquisition; voluntary building repair and rehabilitation programs, services, events and promotions to enhance long term growth in the area; maintenance of County-owned capital infrastructure; and more. Incentives offered in the SWTIF are subject to available funding and approval by the Manatee County Board of County Commissioners.


The SWTIF encompasses a large portion of Manatee County stretching from the mainland West Coast eastward to US301 and some areas beyond, and from the City of Bradenton southern boundary to the Manatee - Sarasota County line.


Also within the SWTIF are the County’s two Community Redevelopment Area districts created in 2002, 14th Street West and South County. These were phased out in 2013, with the increments that were generated by the CRAs reserved in a special fund solely to complete aspects of the redevelopment plans within the former boundaries of the two districts.


Manatee County Redevelopment and Economic Opportunity Department administers the SWTIF and engages with commercial stakeholders while the Neighborhood Services Department engages residential neighborhoods, to develop revitalization strategies to be carried out through the Southwest County Improvement District.





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