Beautiful Days in Manatee

Safer Manatee

311 OperatorManatee Board of County Commissioners appropriated millions towards a safer Manatee County which includes full funding for the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office and Emergency Management Services.

  • Expanded community presence for Manatee County Sheriff’s Office
  • New fleet and aviation facilities
  • Artificial Intelligence-led traffic light sequencing to reduce response times
  • 530,000 9-1-1 calls answered in 2023
  • Higher average for cardiac resuscitations than Florida and Nation
  • 9,000 new street lights to provide increased safety countywide

Preserved Manatee

Nature TrailManatee County has over $35,000,000 in new funding for land-preservation initiatives and millions more for water quality and restoration projects.

  • 28,000 acres currently under conservation management
  • 16 nature preserves fully funded and functioning with 5 new major conservation land purchases under review; newest purchase includes 68 acres of pristine wetlands
  • Approved purchase of 97-acre parcel near Emerson Pt. for conservation
  • Largest gopher tortoise sanctuary in Florida
  • Record investments in water quality improvements

Prosperous Manatee

GroundbreakingKeeping Manatee affordable and prosperous is a key policy point for your Board of County Commissioners. We are working to make government more efficient and reducing taxes while eliminating regulations.

  • Tens of millions of dollars in property tax cuts in just three years
  • First tax cuts in decades
  • Multiple public-private partnerships for affordable housing
  • Eliminated fees at County Parks and County transit
  • County spending preferences given to local companies and local small businesses
  • Protected economic freedoms and the right to work
  • Streamlined government agencies to increase efficiencies and save your tax dollars

Honoring Manatee

Veteran SalutingThere are an estimated 40,000 veterans living in Manatee County. Your Board of County Commissioners is making sure their sacrifice is honored.

  • Assisting veterans through the office of Manatee Veterans Services so they get the benefits they earned
  • $6,000,000 investment with the Tunnel to Towers organization to house Manatee County homeless veterans
  • Planning a veterans park to honor our hometown heroes

Moving Manatee

Ft. Hamer BridgeIn a historic move, your Board of County County Commissioners invested over $700 million in traffic-relieving infrastructure projects. This injection of capital will jumpstart decades of planned but neglected, shovel-ready projects.

  • Fort Hamer Bridge and Upper Manatee River Road Expansion
  • US 301 and I-75 interchange improvements
  • Lane additions to 75th Street, 59th Street, 63rd Avenue, Lorraine Road and Canal Road
  • Enhancing cross-country mobility by connecting 44th Avenue and Lena Road
  • DeSoto Bridge replacement