Toilet Rebate Program Application

Indoor Water (Toilet) Conservation Rebate Program

Who is eligible?

You may be eligible for a rebate of up to $100 per toilet (limit 2 toilets per property) if you:

  • Are replacing a toilet that was installed prior to 1995 (3.5 gallons per flush or higher)
  • Receive your water directly from Manatee County or from the Cities of Anna Maria, Bradenton Beach and Holmes Beach

How do I apply for a toilet rebate?

Apply using the online form below.

All toilets for which rebates are applied must be verified by an on-site confirmation that a new high efficiency toilet (HET)1.28 gpf or less toilet for residential accounts or a new ultra-low flow toilet (ULFT) 1.6 gpf or less for commercial accounts has been installed and is replacing a 3.5 gpf or greater toilet.

Do not dispose of the old toilet prior to verification. Free curbside pickup of the old high-flow toilet is available when placed curbside on your normal garbage day.

This program is cooperatively funded by Manatee County and SWFWMD. For more information on the toilet rebate program, call Manatee County Water Conservation at (941) 792-8811 ext. 5327.