Stormwater Report

Following a series of public work sessions with County Commissioners on the topic of the County’s stormwater management system in late 2017 and early 2018, a work assignment was executed with HDR Engineers and Planners in April 2018. HDR was asked to evaluate the County’s stormwater system and funding methodologies and to evaluate the potential for an enhanced stormwater program that could include a new dedicated funding mechanism.  During 2019 there were six presentations to the County Commission related to the County’s stormwater system and funding methodologies with the assistance of HDR.

The Board directed staff on September 24, 2019, to take the concept of a stormwater fee to a public information campaign. Eight public meetings were scheduled during October and November 2019.  A number of questions and concerns from the public during these meetings created the need for a more detailed report from the HDR team working alongside County staff. 

The updated draft report was presented to the Board for consideration during their January 19, 2021 Worksession and is available to view here.