Proposed Stormwater Fee

Manatee County Commissioners are considering whether to implement a new stormwater fee. All Manatee County property owners in unincorporated areas would pay the fee as part of their annual property tax bill.

The stormwater fee would enhance the County’s Stormwater Program. The stormwater program helps reduce roadway flooding and improves our local water quality by maintaining public stormwater pipes, ponds and other structures that filter pollutants before stormwater reaches water bodies.

How will the fee improve the Stormwater Program?

The proposed stormwater fees will double the cleaning efforts for most of Manatee County's stormwater infrastructure. Option 2 would also include major capital improvements to the stormwater infrastructure to address flood-prone areas.

Task Current Maintenance Interval (Years) Enhanced Maintenance Interval with Proposed Fees (Years)
Canal Cleaning 14.9 7
Ditch Cleaning 20.7 10
Pond Spraying 1.2 1.2
Pipe Cleaning 17.3 6.5
Inlet Cleaning 9.4 4.5
Street Sweeping .2 .1