MCAS Facility Summer Updates

MCAS Facility Improvements Nearing Completion for Summer Months
Posted on 06/15/2020

As the temperatures rise with the arrival of summer, MCAS has taken proactive steps to upgrade our shelter facility to ensure that our pets, staff, and volunteers are more comfortable.


In addition to the industrial-strength fans that reside on lanai areas of the facility, MCAS has implemented the following improvements to help provide relief:

  • The Manatee County Property Management Department has been working on an electrical upgrade, that is near completion, that will allow us to provide even more relief for our dogs.   (Currently, the electrical system is at capacity/overburdened.)    This will allow for temporary air-conditioning for the lanai areas aka “outside”, as well the installation of overhead exhaust fans.
  • Air-conditioning units have been added and other systems replaced in the dog kennels.
  • Sunshades are being installed along the volunteer walkway and painting a walkway with cooling paint, to help keep the pets paws cooler.  
  • Additionally, our dogs enjoy either frozen peanut butter Kongs, frozen broth and other treats daily, to help with their mental stimulation and keep them even cooler. 
We hope this addresses some of the concerns regarding misinformation on social media.