FGBC Certification

 FGBC Platinum Certification Logo

Manatee County has advanced to the Florida Green Local Government platinum-level designation for environmental stewardship after it successfully met the sustainability standards established in the FGBC Green Local Government Certification program in 2017.

A host of initiatives led to certification, including the County's energy efficient downtown chiller plant, the countywide transition to single-stream recycling and community events, such as Manatee Libraries' Teen Recycled Fashion Show. Dozens of Manatee County's green and sustainable efforts are listed on the Coalition's website. Recognition of Manatee County's achievement can also be found in the 2017 Realtor Magazine and featured on Fox 13 Earth Watch.

First certified in April 2011 at the silver level, Manatee County continued to expand its strategic planning and performance management actions to earn GOLD-level designation in 2013. In 2017, Manatee County became the first county to achieve platinum level. 

Read more about the The Florida Green Building Coalition at their website.