Manatee County parks, preserves, and beaches offer a variety of trail experiences.  Observe and learn about interesting plants and animals on our nature trails, where some are designed specifically for pedestrians and others include horse riding or bicycling.  During your visit to our nature preserves, please help to protect the habitat and resident wildlife by remaining on designated trails always.  Most multipurpose trails are perfect for walking, running, non-motorized bicycling, and people in wheelchairs.

The following parks and preserves have trails.

Beach Trails

Coquina Beach
Multipurpose trail: paved, 8-feet wide, 1.47 miles
No dogs allowed.

Park Trails

Bennett Park
Nature trail: asphalt, 8-feet wide, 1.5 miles

Buffalo Creek Park
Multipurpose trail: paved, 8.5-feet wide, 0.76 miles

Bunker Hill Park
Nature trail with exercise stations: crushed shell/stone, 6-feet wide, 1 mile

Conservatory Park
Multipurpose trail with exercise stations: asphalt, 8-feet wide, .5 miles

Creekwood Park
Multipurpose trail: asphalt, 8-feet wide, 0.4 miles

East Bradenton Park
Multipurpose trail with exercise stations: asphalt, 6 feet wide, 0.25 miles

G.T. Bray Park
Multipurpose trail: asphalt, 8-feet wide, 1.25 miles

Lincoln Park
Multipurpose trail: paved, 8.5 feet wide, 0.57 miles

Myakka Community Park
Multipurpose trail: paved, 8-feet wide, 0.46 miles

Ola Mae Sims Park
Multipurpose trail: paved, 8-feet wide, 0.2 miles

Pride Park
Multipurpose trail: paved, 10-feet wide, 0.34 miles

Preserve Trails

Duette Preserve - View trail map
Network of nature trails: packed shell and unimproved dirt, 48 miles

Emerson Point Preserve
Nature trails: 5.8 miles
One paved trail begins at the entrance of the preserve and traverses the entire preserve ending at the Point. The North and South Restoration Trails are packed shell.

Jiggs Landing
Boardwalks and concrete walkway: 931-feet

Leffis Key
Nature trail: packed shell and boardwalks, 0.65 miles
Footpaths circle and scale the hill and 1,500 linear feet of boardwalk meanders through the mangrove forest with strategically placed viewing platforms over the open water.

Moody Branch Preserve
Nature trail and extensive horseback trails: surface unimproved
Pedestrian and horseback only. No dogs allowed.

Neal Preserve
Nature trail: shell and boardwalk, 0.5 miles
Bicycles are not allowed on trail and should be parked at racks provided. No dogs allowed.

Perico Preserve
Hiking trails: packed shell, 6 to 8-feet wide, 3.1 miles
Biking only on designated trails. At key points, we ask that visitors leave their bikes behind to travel forth on foot, allowing the resident wildlife to maintain their natural behavior. No dogs allowed.

Riverview Pointe Preserve
Hiking and nature trails: packed shell and unimproved dirt, 0.3 miles

Robinson Preserve - View trail map
Multipurpose trail: paved, 10-foot wood, 2.5 miles / packed shell, 8-foot wide, 4.3 miles
Pedestrian only trail: rubber running track, 2.25 miles
Canoe/Kayak trails: 2.42 miles

Rye Preserve - View trail map
Five trails: unimproved sand, 0.81 miles
Trails are for hiking, bicycling, and horseback riding.

Ungarelli Preserve
Nature trail: shell, 760-feet


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