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2ND SATURDAYS - Fitness Fun for Special Needs Individuals
Posted on 01/22/2019

2ND SATURDAYS2nd Saturdays Flyer
2ND SATURDAYS Flyer .pdf

Inclusion is a paramount piece in every aspect of a community, meaning to secure opportunities for individuals with disabilities to learn alongside their non-disabled peers. Having an option for all needs and abilities is a responsibility of the community leaders and employees. This also includes our community recreation centers and community parks.

An initiative we would like to begin at the G.T. Bray Recreation Center is in hopes, a small stepping stone to build the inclusion in our public facilities. Beginning in March 2019, fitness staff will begin a free “2nd Saturdays” program. On the second Saturday of each month, individuals with disabilities and their families are invited to partake in a fun fitness group exercise class (an aid or parent must be present for the initial class). Participants will also have the option to tour the facility after class and learn how they can increase their health and well-being.

This program will increase partakers confidence in knowing we are a resource for the individual and the family members for a recreational opportunity. Again, this is in hopes, the beginning to an impactful initiative to serve the families with disabilities in the Manatee County community. Register early as class size will be limited to 20 participants.

To register or if you have any questions, contact Molly White, Fitness and Wellness Coordinator, at molly.white@mymanatee.org or call (941) 742-5923, extension 6007. Parks & Natural Resources Department, G.T. Bray Recreation Center, 5502 33rd Avenue Drive West, Bradenton, FL 34209.

2nd Saturdays Flyer