Pretrial Release Services

Manatee County Pretrial Release aspires to benefit the local Criminal Justice System and surrounding community by:

  • Providing relief from unnecessary and expensive jail overcrowding as a reasonable alternative to pretrial detention for qualifying arrestees.
  • Enhancing public safety by identifying defendants who should be detained pretrial.
  • Assisting qualifying defendants to maintain their livelihood and support for themselves and their families.
  • Ensuring the safety of the community by providing appropriate levels of supervision of court ordered conditions of release, as well as providing rehabilitative opportunities for offenders and monitoring their appearances in court.

Pretrial Release Services Staff

Call (941) 749-3050 and Extension Listed Below
or email first name.last

Name Ext
Yesenia Alves - Probation Officer
Delia Carden - Probation Assistant
Jamal Gallon - Probation Officer
Kelsea Hall - Probation Officer
Birtram Johnson - Probation Officer
Janelle Kusmierz - Sr. Probation Officer
LaTanya Neasman - Probation Officer
Lori Rizzo - Probation Assistant
Michael Rogers - Chief of Pretrial Services
Marla Ryder - Sr. Admin. Specialist
Sue Uscanga -  Sr. Probation Officer
Jerome Waiters - Probation Officer

Standard Conditions of Pretrial Release

  1. Allow a Pretrial Release Officer to conduct visits at his/her residence.
  2.  Allow a Pretrial Release Officer to conduct visits at his/her job site.
  3. Continue reporting to Pretrial Release until finished with case. (Sentenced, Declined, Dismissed, Nolle Prossed)
  4. Refrain from committing a violation of any Federal, State, or Local law, including criminal traffic violations
  5.  Appear at all scheduled court hearings and submit to orders and process of judges/magistrates.
  6. Report to his/her Pretrial Release Officer twice per week or as otherwise ordered.
  7. Notify his/her Pretrial Release Officer prior to any change of address, telephone, job or school status.
  8. Not leave Manatee, Sarasota or their contiguous counties; or the State of Florida without a Court Order.
  9. Pay all fees ordered by Court.
  10. Abide by Curfew, if Ordered.