Children's Services Team Members

Kristi Hagen, Interim Human Services Manager: Serves as the liaison for the Children’s Services Advisory Board, which makes investment recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners for programming that benefits children throughout Manatee County. Kristi manages all aspects of Children’s Service contracts. She is a Blackbaud Grantmaking administrator and has earned certification. Since 1990, she has gained vast knowledge and experience in business management, leadership and early childhood services. Kristi has successfully completed Leadership I and II modules through the County. Her experience comes from a line of professions that focus on the care and wellbeing of children.

LaWanda Timmons, Senior Human Services Analyst: Manages all aspects of Children’s Services contracts, working closely with non-profit agencies to assure they stay in compliance. She has worked in the Adult and Children’s Services sides of the Neighborhood Services Department. She enjoys working with people and providing great customer service.

Johanna Beville, Human Services Analyst: Works to manage all aspects of Children’s services contracts by using an in-depth knowledge of children's programs across Manatee County to maintain contracts in accordance with the Manatee County Children's Services Ordinance to provide at-risk children with quality services. Blackbaud certified, Johanna assists agencies and programs to maintain compliance to the high standards for services that Manatee County and it citizens expect for their children. She earned a B.A. from the University of South Florida in the Social & Behavioral Sciences Program with a concentration in Child Development and Early Childhood Education and is a certified Behavioral Health Case Manager and State of Florida Public Notary.

Chris Handy-Honeycutt, Human Services Analyst: Builds and maintains relationships with partner agencies who receive funding through the Children’s Services Millage. He manages agency agreements, processes payments, and ensures compliance. Chris has put in extensive effort in assuring that the agencies he works with to develop strong results for their services in line with the County’s Results First operating practices. Previous to Manatee County, he worked for a non-profit for at-risk youth and now focuses his efforts on programs helping our developmentally delayed and disabled citizens and their families.

Kim Ross, Whole Child Manatee Coordinator: Coordinates efforts on behalf of Whole Child Manatee, a program that provides a holistic approach to supporting families with children that experience barriers to obtaining services for their family. Kim maintains the Whole Child Connections database and assists community providers to increase their knowledge of service systems and relevant up-to-date information that supports the whole family. Kim has been with Whole Child Manatee since 2003, first hired as an Advisor until she became coordinator in 2018.