Census 2020

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How the Census Has an Impact on Communities

The 2020 Census will shape our state’s political representation and guide billions of dollars in funding for vital community services like hospitals and fire departments, as well as programs ranging from school lunches to highway projects.

Our community is growing at a fast rate. Everyone in Manatee County needs to be counted to help us make sure we get the resources we need.

Make Manatee Count

Taking the census is quick and easy. Every home will receive an invitation to participate. You'll have the option to respond online, by mail or by phone. Learn more about how you’ll be invited to take the census.

Don’t be afraid to be counted. Your personal information cannot be shared or used against you. Find out how your personal information is kept completely confidential and secure.

Community impact

$44 billion in federal funding for 55 major programs across Florida are guided by Census data, according to George Washington University’s Counting for Dollars 2020 study.

These local programs rely on census data for funding:

  • Head Start early childhood education
  • School lunch program
  • Healthcare for the homeless
  • Children’s health insurance program
  • Affordable housing programs
  • Community development grants
  • Fire department assistance grant
  • Public transit
  • Federal highway projects

Political representation

The Census count determines our state’s representation in Congress. Changes in our local population may also result in redistricting political boundaries – that is, revising the geographic boundaries where we elect our representatives, from the U.S House to your local city council.

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Census Jobs

The U.S. Census Bureau is hiring temporary employees for the 2020 Census. Jobs offer weekly pay, competitive pay rates, flexible hours, and paid training. By joining the 2020 Census team, you can support the community while getting paid to do it.

Census & Program Funding

Census Preparation

In preparation for the upcoming 2020 census, the United States Census Bureau will have temporary staff working in neighborhoods across the nation to conduct surveys from January 16 through March 30, 2020.

The employees will be knocking on doors in order to verify addresses and gather additional information leading up to Census Day on April 1.

Three ways to identify field staff:

  • Laptop computer with a Census Bureau logo on the top
  • Black canvas bag with a Census Bureau logo
  • Photo identification card

If you encounter any 'others' or are unsure, you should immediately contact your local law enforcement office.