Demographics NOW

What is it?

Demographic, consumer expenditure, and consumer profile reports and maps that you can use to develop marketing strategies, make location decisions, and more.

Getting Started

Access DemographicsNow through any web browser:

  1. Go to the library's website and click on the orange Research & Learning button and then on the Articles, Research & Information button.

  2. Click on Business & Investing and then on the DemographicsNow link. You will be prompted to log in with your Patron ID # (back of card) and PIN number.

Using DemographicsNow

  1. Use DemographicsNow by 1) entering an address, city, zip-code, county, or state in the search box, 2) selecting the Options drop-down menu and creating a geography list or 3) searching the entire US.

  2. After setting your location, you can run demographic reports by selecting the Demographics tab beneath the search bar and using the drop-down menus to choose your report type. You can download the reports you generate to a PDF, Word document, or Excel spreadsheet.

  3. You can also view your location and select demographic criteria using the map tool. Select the Map tab underneath the search bar and use the legend to the right of the screen to customize the variables you wish to view under Thematic Controls.