Florida Library Association Awards

Florida Library Association Awards – Manatee Libraries’ Friends Members are Recognized
Posted on 04/30/2021
MANATEE COUNTY, FL – The Manatee County Public Library System is excited to announce our newest Florida Library Association Award winners. The Florida Library Association (FLA) honors outstanding libraries and supporters during its annual conference, and two of Manatee Libraries’ Friends’ groups will be awarded this year. The 2021 FLA Award for Outstanding Program has been awarded to the Friends of the Rocky Bluff Library for their Storytelling Festival and the 2021 FLA Award for Outstanding Member was awarded to Judy Fetter from the Friends of the Central Library. 

Florida Library Association Friends, Foundations & Boards Outstanding Program: Storytelling Festival of the Friends of Rocky Bluff Library

For 3 consecutive years the Friends of Rocky Bluff Library have presented the Storytelling Festival - a multicultural, multigenerational event, connecting literacy with the age-old art of storytelling. Every year it has been one of our largest events bringing in hundreds of attendees and storytellers of all ages and backgrounds. It is a herculean task to put this event on every year, and this recognition of the Friends of Rocky Bluff is very deserved. Special thanks to Storytelling Festival Committee Chairwoman, Gloria Solino, without whom the Festival would not be possible.

Florida Library Association Friends, Foundations & Boards Outstanding Member: Judy Wetter of the Friends of the Central Library - nominated by Chelsea Baker (Friends of the Central Library Staff Liaison) and Carol Kolonay-Spangler (Friends of the Central Library President)

Over the past twenty years, Judy Wetter has been an indispensable member of the Friends of the Central Library Board. Her initiative and hard work built an extremely successful Friends Bookstore that has been in business for nine years. Her conscientious oversight of Friends’ funds as the Board Treasurer enabled thousands of dollars of programs each year, including a $90,000 renovation of the children’s room. Now that Judy is leaving the Board and the Bookstore to start a new chapter of her life, her impact will forever be felt by everyone who visits the Second Edition Bookstore or attends a program at the Library. 

The Manatee County Library System appreciates all the amazing contributions from our Friends and Foundation members. Each of the seven Friends of Manatee Libraries' groups supports the growth and development of library services and events. Visit our Friends of the Library page to find out more about the different groups and to learn about membership and volunteer opportunities. We look forward to welcoming you as our newest Friend! 

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