Content Portlet

Most pages will only need to use Content portlets. You can put all of your page's content in one Content portlet.

You can also use multiple content portlets for different sections of content. This makes it easy to reorganize the order of your content.

A Content portlet can contain any or all of the following:

  • Text (including headers)
  • Links
  • Documents (links to documents)
  • Images
  • Video

How to add a Content portlet

To add a new Content portlet, turn on Design Mode.

  • If you do not see the lower bar with portlets, make sure you click Enable drag & drop on the right side of the screen under the toolbar to expand the toolbar.
  • Click the Portlet Library tab at the bottom (may already be selected).
  • Click the Basic tab at the top.
  • Select the Content portlet.
  • Drag the portlet down to a content region in the page below.

Where to find the Content Portlet in the toolbar

How to edit a Content portlet

To edit the original Content portlet (the one that is automatically created when you create a page), you will have to edit in the Content Editor. YOu can do this by:

  • Go to Page Options > Check-out and Edit Page  in the toolbar
  • Turn on Design Mode and click the pencil on the portlet (this will appear in the top right of the portlet's black bar and in a big blue symbol in the center of the portlet's content)

If you have multiple Content portlets on the page, you must be in Design Mode to edit your additional Content portlets. (Only the original shows up when you check out the page to edit.)

There are two ways to edit the additional Content portlets in Design Mode:

  • To edit in the Content Editor, click the pencil in the top right of the portlet's black bar
  • To edit in the Inline Editor (this leaves you on the page and pops up a Content Editor toolbar above), click anywhere inside the portlet

Editing in the Content Editor vs Inline Editor

Both editors allow you to add and edit text, links, documents, images and video.

Editing in the Content Editor takes you to a new page. You can only edit HTML in the Content Editor. Click Save Draft or Publish to save your changes.

Editing in the Inline Editor allows you to stay on the page. You cannot edit HTML in the Inline Editor. When you edit in the Inline Editor, you will need to click Save or Publish to save your changes.

Inline Editor

Save, Save Draft, Publish

During pre-launch, it is easier to click Publish when you're editing pages. Save Draft will be more important when the site is live and you do not want new pages or changes you make to appear on the live website.

Save/Save Draft

Click Save or Save Draft if you do not want the changes you made to be live.

After you click Save Draft you will not be able to see the changes you made unless you go back into the portlet to edit it (either by clicking on the portlet in Design Mode to edit it, or by going to Page Options > Check-out & Edit Page).


When you click Publish you will be taken back to the page and you will be able to see all the changes you made.