Contact Accordion Portlet

All pages should have a "Contact Us" box in the left sidebar beneath the navigation. This box is created using the Contact Accordion portlet. 

Insert the Contact Accordion portlet

To insert the portlet, turn on Design Mode.

Click the Local Portlets tab and select Contact Accordion. (If you do not see the portlets, make sure you click Enable drag & drop on the right side of the screen under the toolbar.)

Insert Contact Accordion

Drag the portlet down to a content region in the page below. We recommend adding the portlet to the top of your page. 

  • The Contact Us box will show in your main content area whenever you are in Design Mode. When Design Mode is turned off, you will see it in the left sidebar. This is where it will appear for visitors to the site.
  • In mobile view, the Contact Us box (collapsed) will show up in the order you have it on the page in Design Mode (above or below your other portlets).

Edit the Contact Accordion portlet

If you just added the Contact Accordion portlet, you should now see the portlet with words "Click here to edit." 

Image of Contact Accordion portlet in Design Mode

If you're editing an existing Content Accordion, it will look like a blank portlet. (It will not say "Click here to edit.") Click the pencil in the black bar to edit.

Fill in your Contact Us information

Now you can enter your department/division's contact information. This should be a general email or a contact relevant to what's on the page.

Contact Accordion fields

Fill in the "Contact Accordion" fields as follows:

  • Context Header (optional) - You can use this field to add context to who the contact information is for (a person's name, division, etc.)
  • Location URL (optional) - Link to a page with your location(s) information (address, hours) or a map to your location
    • If you are located in the Admin Building, link to the County Administration Building page: /government/government_office_locations/county_administration_building
  • Phone number (strongly recommended) - Your department/division phone number
    • Use parentheses for the area code, following the format (941) 123-4567 or (941) 123-4567 ext. 890
  • Email (strongly recommended) - General department/division email recommended
  • Social media links (optional)
    • Facebook
    • YouTube
    • Twitter
    • Flickr - you may want to link to a relevant album within the County's Flickr account
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn


Publish the Contact Accordion portlet

Click Publish. When you get taken back to the page, you will still be in Design Mode and you will just see a box that says "CONTACT US" in it in the spot where you put the portlet.

Turn off Design Mode and you'll see the "Contact Us" box in the left sidebar beneath the navigation, where it will appear for visitors to the site. 

Contact us placement