Add Emergency Notification

To add an emergency notification, go to the homepage and select Page Options > View Subpages from the black toolbar.

Click on Emergency Notification Center (Hidden).

Screenshot - Choose Emergency Notification Center

This will take you to the Emergency Notification Center page. Go to Page Options > View Subpages in the black toolbar and click "Emergency Notification" (should be the only subpage).

On the Emergency Notification page, go to Page Options > Check-out and Edit to edit the notification.

Edit the following (do not edit anything else) and click Publish:

  • PAGE CONTENT Summary (not the first Summary box) - This is the text you want to appear in the red emergency bar at the top of every page.
    • You must use HTML to insert a link. To insert a link, use <a href="URL">[Link text]</a>.
    • If the notification is linking to an external site, use the following HTML: <a href="URL" target="_blank">[Link text]</a>.
  • Enable - Check this box when if want the notification to appear when you Publish.
  • Release On - You must enter a date here. Enter the current date if you want it to appear immediately.
  • Release Until - You must enter a date here. This is when the notification will go away. If you don't know how long you want it to stay, pick a date far in the future and you can come back and uncheck "Enable" when you are ready for the notification to turn off.

Screenshot of how to edit Emergency Notification
After you click Publish the red notification banner should appear at the top of each page. It may take a minute or two to appear. 

Screenshot of Emergency Notification example