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JUNE 2024

Neighborhood Registry

How Can My Neighborhood Stay Informed on Local Development Activities?

To assist neighborhoods, the Board of County Commissioners created the Neighborhood Registry. Member neighborhoods receive notice of the following applications in their area:

  • Rezones
  • Administrative Permits
  • Special Permits
  • Planned Developments
  • Comprehensive Plan Amendments
  • Variances
  • Final Site Plans
  • Final Plats
  • Amendments to Approved Plans

Some of these applications require public hearings; others are reviewed by staff only.

How Does the Neighborhood Registry Work?

The Manatee County Building and Development Services Department accepts applications from any interested individual, Homeowners Association, or other organization. Once your email address and application is received it will be added to the Neighborhood Registry, and you will begin receiving the Weekly Projects List on a weekly basis.

Sign Up for the Neighborhood Registry

Please fill out the form below to apply for the Neighborhood Registry.


  • Bobbi Roy, Agenda Coordinator
  • 941-748-4501 Ext 6878
  • Email Us