How Will We Grow ? A Conversation with the Community


The report, How Will We Grow? A Conversation with the Community, provided an introspective look at development review, land use and infrastructure planning.

Results of How Will We Grow?

Staff has begun working on and completed various recommendations from the report which include the following:

  • Southwest County Tax Increment Finance (SWTIF) District / aka the Southwest District
  • Utility Master Planning, related amendments to Code of Ordinances and Facility Investment Fee (utility impact fee) updates (Jan. 20, 2015 BCC presentation and Ord. 5-22)
  • Impact Fee Study and New Fee Schedule adopted 2015
  • Parks Master Plan (project beginning Summer 2016)
  • All Things Housing - series of presentations in 2016 regarding housing and affordability
  • Millennials - annual Millennial Convention (MCon) to seek input on variety of issues from local young adults coordinated with Chamber and Manatee Young Professionals.
  • “Complete Streets” county engineering standards update 2016
  • MCAT transit adjustments and focus to major corridors in west county (2016)
  • Increase use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for its analytical abilities to aid decision making
  • Land Development Regulations Update
    • Reorganization of Land Development Code and other regulations in 2015
    • Update of Public Works Engineering Standards Manuals - 2015
    • “Urban Corridors” amendments to provide improved opportunities for redevelopment along the major corridors in southwest county – 2016.
    • “Countywide” amendments to Comprehensive Plan – 2016
    • Other amendments beginning in 2016

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