How to Submit an Application

Please follow the following steps to submit an application. Click on the application name below for more specific information about required documents.

Before you begin

  1. Gather the required supporting documents (i.e., building plans, surveys, Proof of Insurance, etc.)
  2. Gather the name(s), mailing address, phone number and email address for all professionals (applicant, agents, contractors, engineers, architects, etc.) or license applicant.
  3. Be prepared to pay the fees indicated in the Manatee County Fees schedules. All fees required at the time of application submission must be paid in order for an application to be accepted. Online payment may be made by credit card or eCheck.

Steps to submit an application

Please see the Online Services user guide for instructions including screen shots or view the eLearning/YouTube videos.

  1. Log on to Manatee County Government Online Services. If you do not have an account, you may create one without charge. Note that you are not required to be signed in if submitted a Code Enforcement Complaint and may proceed to step 2.
  2. Under the "New" dropdown in the menu bar, select Building Permit, Planning Application,  Licenses, or Code Enforcement Complaint. Acknowledge the disclaimer by checking the box. Click the Continue Application button.
  3. If using a license that is linked to your account or a delegate's account, select the license. Select the appropriate application from the dropdown list(s). Click the Continue Application button.
  4. Complete the application, filling in all required fields.
  • When entering in address information, please use the Address Search button to automatically fill out all fields related to the parcel.
  • When adding Contact Information, please use Select from Account in order to add someone who has an Online Services account. This will give the other user access to the application.
  • When uploading documents, you must use the document type indicated at the top of the page. If you do not have a document uploaded for each required document type, you will not be able to move past this page.
For additional instructions and to download any required forms, please visit our Instructions and Forms page.