Commercial - HOA Tree Removal


Trees located in a common area, commercial property, or conservation area are regulated differently than residential street trees by Manatee County. The Tree Removal Permit (TRP) application must be submitted through our Online Services system. The cost for a TRP is $144.00.

For instructions on filling out a TRP application through Online Services, please visit our Online Services instructions page, instructions for TRP are located under Planning Instructions. For additional information about the TRP application, please view our Tree Removal Instructions page (PDF).

A. Common Areas

  • Common areas are properties which are maintained by a shared association such as condos, villas and manufactured home parks. Common areas are typically maintained by a Homeowners Association (HOA), Community Development District (CDD) or Co-Op and are subject to the Manatee County Land Development Code (LDC). Examples of common areas include: front entrances, roadway buffers, perimeter buffers, greenbelt buffer, vehicle use areas, playground/picnic areas, pools and clubhouses, boulevards, and golf courses.

B. Commercial/Retail Properties

  • These areas are considered to be common areas and are subject to the County LDC, therefore they require the Tree Removal Permit (TRP). A permit is only required for trees that are part of the original approved landscape plan.

C. Conservation Areas

  • Trees located in conservation easement areas, wetland buffers, within landscape buffers, and/or in utility easements are all subject to the LDC and need a Tree Removal Permit (TRP).

D. Exotic Invasive Trees

  • Exotic invasive trees are typically unprotected by the County and have adverse effects on the natural environment. The removal of these species is encouraged and their planting is prohibited. Examples include Paper Mulberry, Australian Pine, Ear Tree, Punk Tree, Brazilian Pepper, Carrotwood, and Indian Rosewood.
  • Exotic invasive removal of an acre or more requires a permit, but the fee will be waived. A plan must be submitted to show adequate erosion control and tree protection for the present non-invasive species.

E. Right of Way (ROW)

  • Trees located in the ROW are subject to a ROW Use Permit in addition to the Tree Removal Permit.


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