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Building and Development Services has two offices to serve you.

Lobby hours: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Downtown Office
1112 Manatee Avenue West
4th Floor
Bradenton, FL 34205

Office: (941) 748-4501
Fax: (941) 742-5825

North River Annex
5030 US Highway 301 N
Ellenton, FL 34222

Office: (941) 749-3077
Fax: (941) 721-2054


Planning Staff Directory

The Planning staff is here to provide you with professional, knowledgeable, quality service utilizing all available resources.

Please contact the Reviewer on Call desk by email or by calling 941-749-3070 for all Planning and Zoning inquiries.

Development Services

Division Manager and County Zoning Official
Fred Goodrich
941-748-4501 Ext. 6866

Reviewer on Call - Development Services

The following Section is responsible for front counter operations, assisting customers with land development regulations regarding site development, site plan intake and completeness review, site plan routing, building permit zoning review and Addressing

Phyllis Strong
Development Services Section Manager
Reviewer on Call
941-748-4501 Ext. 6865


Name Email Phone Ext
Vickie Warner
Senior Planning & Zoning Tech 941-748-4501 6850
Suzanne Cook
Planning & Zoning Tech III 941-748-4501 6864



Name Email Phone Ext
Robert Sweeney
Planning & Zoning Tech III 941-748-4501 3834
Nicole Bradshaw
Senior Planning & Zoning Tech 941-748-4501 6833
Laurie Menard
Planning & Zoning Tech I 941-748-4501 3908
Penny Youdall
Planning & Zoning Tech I 941-748-4501 3808 
Kierstyn Johnson
Planning & Zoning Tech I 941-748-4501 3411
Achaia Brown
Planner I  941-748-4501 3879
Aarabhi Varathan
Planning & Zoning Tech III 941-748-4501 6863
Mindi Herbert
Planning & Zoning Tech III 941-748-4501 3832


Comprehensive Planning

The Planning Services Division consists of the Development Review, Agenda, Comprehensive Planning, and the GIS Mapping Sections of the Development Services. This Division oversees the Comprehensive Plan and Development Review and primarily deals with the public hearing-related land development applications and maintains the Comprehensive Plan.

Lisa Barrett
Planning Manager
941-748-4501 Ext. 6884

Name Email Phone Ext
Planner I 941-748-4501 3841


Public Hearing Division

Margaret Tusing
Public Hearing Section Manager
941-748-4501 Ext. 6828

Name Email Phone Ext
Rossina Leider
Principal Planner 941-748-4501 6859
Dorothy Rainey
Senior Planner 941-748-4501 6851
Jamie Schindewolf
Planner II 941-748-4501 6861
Bobbi Roy
Senior Planning & Zoning Tech 941-748-4501 6878
Dana M. Della Costa
Planning & Zoning Tech II 941-748-4501 6937
Jake Bibler
Planner I 941-748-4501 6902


Planning - Administrative Review

The Administrative Review Section of the Building and Development Services Department primarily deal with the administrative review of land development applications and code interpretations.

Administrative Review Division - Development Services

Robert Wenzel
Planning Section Manager
941-748-4501 Ext. 6845

Name Email Phone Ext
James Rigo
Principal Planner 941-748-4501 6905
Stephanie Moreland
Principal Planner  941-748-4501 3880
Tracy Trahan
Senior Planner 941-748-4501 3877
Susan Angersoll
Planning & Zoning Tech III 941-748-4501 3934
Kimberly Middleton
Planner II  941-748-4501 6837
 Morris Hill
Planner I 941-748-4501 3891 


Environmental Review

The Environmental Review Section's focus during the development planning process is to protect and preserve the county's natural resources while seeking to balance growth and development. The Environmental Review Section accomplishes this by reviewing a project's civil and landscape plan set which may include:

  • Wetland Delineation Report
  • Wetland Mitigation Plan
  • Wetland Buffer Enhancement Plan
  • Threatened and Endangered Biological Survey Report
  • Best Management Practices Plan
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
  • Well Management Plan

Robert Knable
Planning Section Manager
941-748-4501 Ext. 6206

Name Email Phone Ext
Kathleen Davis
Senior Planner
941-748-4501 6847
Gary Race
Planner II 941-748-4501 6936
Brittany Serafin
Planner I 941-748-4501 6204
Jaime Elbert
Planner I 941-748-4501 3838
Laura Wiggins
Planner II 941-748-4501 6841

Code Compliance
Field Inspection

 Name Email Phone Ext. 
 Doug Marvin
Inspection Supervisor  941-748-4501 3803 


Plans Review Contact Information

Name Email Phone Ext
Samuel Acosta (941)748-4501 3932
Miguel Correa (941)748-4501 3831
Yhulmer Izquierdo (941)748-4501 3829
Richard Kracaw (941)748-4501 6879
Robert Page (941)748-4501 3822
Stephanie Raucci (941)748-4501 3819
Alba Valencia (941)748-4501 3825
Bruce Wickens (941)748-4501 3812
Sonia Zambrano (941)748-4501 6207

For other Divisions' Contact Information, please view the below pages: