Report a Complaint


To report a code violation or file a complaint with Code Enforcement, please use our Online Services portal then click on the Complaints tab at the top of the page. Please be prepared to give an address if there is a location related to your complaint. A Code Enforcement officer will contact you after they have investigated.

If you choose to file a complaint anonymously, we recommend asking for the name of the assigned officer if you would like to follow up on the case. Please note that if you send an email, the email will become public record.

Submit a complaint online

Hours of operation: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

To report an unlicensed contractor, call (941) 749-3084

Manatee County Code Enforcement's Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file a complaint?
The Code Enforcement office will take complaints by phone, email, online, or written correspondence to:

5030 US Highway 301 
Attention: Code Enforcement
Ellenton, FL 34222

Do you take anonymous complaints?
Yes, Code Enforcement will take anonymous complaints. However, if you send an email, that email becomes Public Record.

Who do I contact for any follow up action or information?
When you file a complaint, the officer is required to contact the complainant. However, if you file the complaint anonymously, ask the clerical staff which officer will be assigned the case so that you will be able to call back and ask for that officer.

How many officers are there?
There are 13 officers with assigned zones, and two field supervisors that handle special assignments (i.e. Nuisance Abatement, Sexual Oriented Businesses, Pain Management Clinics, Unlicensed Contractor Enforcement, Unsafe Structures)

What if there is a code enforcement issue outside of regular working hours?
The officers will rearrange their schedules to do evening and weekend work.