Search for a Building Permit


You may search for any permit issued after February 27, 2018 by using the Online Services search box in the top right corner of the Online Services homepage. You can search by Permit Number, Parcel Number, Address, Owner's Name or Primary Contractor. The search bar also supports partial searches, such as "Manatee Avenue" instead of a specific address. This would return all permit applications for Manatee Avenue since 02/27/2018, and from there you can click on the desired Record.

If you are still unable to locate your permit, you can also use the Advanced Search feature, by clicking on the link directly below the Home button. Note that this feature does require you to log into your Online Services user account. If you do not have an Online Services account, you can create one for free by clicking on the "New User" link

 To search for a Building Permit that was issued prior to the launch of Online Services (any permits issued prior to February 27, 2018), you can search the Manatee County Online Permit Data Archive or you can contact the Permitting office.