Manatee Women Veterans Build Community

Over 15 female employees of Manatee County Government have identified themselves as Veterans including the following:

Adriann Barnhart, Cela Sibley & Jill Wyer

Utilities: Adriann Barnhart, Cela Sibley & Jill Wyer

Shelley Friend of Utilties
Utilities: Shelley Friend

Not Pictured: Debora Brazieljones

Janette Girard and Kristin Hall
Public Works: Janette Girard & Kristin Hall (mother and daughter)

Cindy Gray of Parks & Rec
Parks & Recreation: Cindy Gray

Rosemary Carr of Animal Services
Animal Services: Rosemary Carr

Stephanie Charles
Building & Development: Stephanie Charles

Sherri Adamsmeier & Abby Jenkins
Financial Management: Sherri Adamsmeier & Abigail Jenkins

Renee Medina of Veterans Services

Veterans Services - Renee Medina 

Not Pictured: Public Safety (EMS) - Kayla Cloutier