Neighborhood Grants

Manatee County Neighborhood Services has complied a database of public grants aimed for neighborhood HOAs, community representatives, nonprofits, or individuals to apply for.

With over 2,000 neighborhoods and 400,000 individuals, we strive to aid residents with information to better the community and lives of those who reside in Manatee County.

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Neighborhood Enhancement Grants

Braden Castle Park, Manatee County's oldest neighborhood, added  landscaping and expanded their video surveillance

Foster's Creek enhanced their front entrance and frontage road landscaping

Learn more about Manatee County's Neighborhood Enhancement Grant program 

How to Use the Neighborhood Grant Database

Once you are on the database page, click the appropriate button for how you would like to search the database (by dollar amount, qualifications, keywords, grant type) or view the entire list.

Apply additional filters, if applicable, then click the hyperlink to view more information about the grant on the provider's website.