Have you downloaded your Wellness Guide?

Have You Downloaded the Wellness Guide?
Posted on 12/07/2020
Guy practicing meditationThe Department of Veterans' Wellness Guide is a workbook, organized into short, easy-to-use activities, based on Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely (SMART) goal setting.

Topics include the following:
  • Understanding Health: What makes you feel unhealthy and healthy.
  • Managing Thoughts: Includes setting up a gratitude journal and making your thoughts more positive.
  • Making Every Moment Count: Focuses on what you can do to better your health, such as exercising and mindful meditation.
  • Sleeping Well: Understand your sleep, and think of ways to better your sleep schedule.
  • Healthy Eating: Ways to improve your eating habits by figuring out what foods make you feel good and finding ways to make your favorite recipes healthier.
Learn to invite more positive habits into your daily routine, and make every moment count more. Download the Veterans Wellness Guide