Neighborhood Connections Team

Debbie DeLeon, Neighborhood Connections Division Manager: Has over 30 years in public service within Manatee County working directly with neighborhoods and in the human services field. She has established the protocols for assisting the neighborhoods within the County and actively participates in numerous monthly events and community meetings. She has been awarded Manatee County Government's rare ACE (Accountability, Civility & Ethics) pin and is an Employee of the Month. Debbie is fluent in Spanish.

Simone Peterson, MPA MBA DTM – Neighborhood Services Coordinator: Administers the Neighborhood Enhancement Grant program, is the District 2 Neighborhood Contact Collector and the Bayshore Gardens Contact. Simone oversees the Ambassador Program, Program Development and Special Projects. She holds both a Masters in Public Administration and Business Administration.

Xavier Colon, Senior Neighborhood Services Specialist: Helped shape the Results First Internship Program, expanded the Career Connections Day program and assisted in the updating of various plans for the County. In addition he has helped with outreach for the County through public events.

Makayla Lindecamp, Neighborhood Services Specialist: After completing two internships at Manatee County Government working within the library to promote services and programs that serve underrepresented populations in Manatee County, Makayla now works as a Neighborhood Services Specialist. She focuses on promoting Manatee County Services to our local neighborhoods through marketing initiatives.

Mary Camp, Neighborhood Services Specialist: Interned at Manatee County during the summer of 2018 and returned to work full time for Neighborhood Connections after obtaining a degree in Geospatial Analysis. Mary's focus is creating comprehensive story maps and online Web applications to show the department's engagement efforts and identify areas of improvement. She is involved in the county’s Homeless Workgroup and the Green Team.