Consumer Reports

What is it?

  • Consumer Reports magazine provides unbiased reviews and ratings for thousands of products.

  • Contains issues January 1985 - present.

Getting Started

Through a web browser:

  1. Go to the library’s website and click on the orange Research & Learning button and then on the Articles, Research, & Information button.

  2. Click on All Databases by Title. If accessing the website from outside of the library, you will be prompted to enter your barcode and 4-digit PIN at this point.

  3. Once you have logged in, click on the Consumer Reports link. No additional sign-up is required for Consumer Reports.

Browsing Back Issues

  1. Click the year you would like to browse from the list on the right-hand side.

  2. Once the expanded list appears, click the issue you would like to browse.

  3. The results will give you a list of all the articles published in that issue, by title.

  4. Click PDF Full Text on the left to view a copy of the article as it appeared in the issue.

  5. When viewing the article, you will also see a Table of Contents on the left-hand side showing all the articles in that issue in page number order.

  6. You can download a copy of the article by clicking the download icon in the upper right corner of the PDF viewer or you can print the article by clicking the print icon.

Searching the Database

  1. Click the “Search within this publication” link above the Publication Details to search for a specific article or topic.

  2. Click Advanced Search underneath the search box.

  3. Leave the first box as is with “JN ‘Consumer Reports’”.

  4. In the second box, type your topic. Click on “Select a field (optional)” if you would like to further limit your search. You can also add another search term in the third box or click the green Search button to see your results.

  5. The date, issue and page number information for each article will be listed under the article name.

  6. Use the limiters on the left hand side to further narrow your search by date or subject.