Library Apps

eBooks, eAudiobooks, Movies, Music, and More!

To download apps, go to App Store or Play Store on your device.
Remember to have your library card number and PIN handy.

Libby by OverDrive

  • eBooks and eAudiobooks

  • 8 checkouts at a time

  • One reader per book, like a physical book

  • 1-2 week checkouts

  • Download “EPUB” eBook format and MP3 eAudiobook format

  • Can transfer to Kindle or Kindle App


  • eBooks, eAudiobooks, movies, TV shows, music, comic books

  • 5 checkouts per month

  • eBooks- 3 weeks, movies and shows- 3 days, music- 1 week

  • Items always available

  • Need to create Hoopla account in app


  • eMagazines

  • Checkout periods vary for each magazine

  • Read magazines like People, Cosmo, NatGeo, Good Housekeeping, O, Real Simple, Time, Newsweek, Food Network, Men’s Health, and more.