Gale General OneFile

What is it?

  • Gale General OneFile is a one-stop source for news and magazine articles from 1980 – present on a wide range of topics. It includes over 100 million articles and the ability to translate them into 39 different languages.

  • Topics include careers, computers and technology, education, health, history, news and current events, personal finance and taxes, and self-help/self-improvement.  

Getting Started

Access General OneFile through any web browser:

  1. Go to the library’s website and click on the orange Research & Learning button and then on the Articles, Research & Information button.

  2. Click on All Databases by Title and then on the General OneFile link. You will be prompted to log in with your Patron ID # (back of card) and PIN number.

  3. Note: You may sign in with your own Google or Microsoft account if you would like to upload articles to your Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, but it is not required to use the database.

Using General OneFile

  1. Use Gale General OneFile by 1) typing your query in the Search field, 2) choosing Advanced Search for more search options or 3) browsing from the lists of topics. Narrow your search using the filters located on the right-hand side of the page such as content type, publication date, or publication title.

  2. The article's webpage provides publication information. You also have the option to listen to an audio version of the article or download the mp3 recording by clicking the listen button. The explore column will show you more content related to the article you are viewing.

  3. The cite button allows you to create a citation for the article in multiple citation styles. The Highlights and Notes feature allows you to make annotations within an article. All annotations can be accessed by clicking the Highlights and Notes button in the upper right. You may download, print, and email a pdf of the article, as well as upload it to your Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.